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Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese martial art, that has evolved into a graceful form of exercise and a popular mind-body practice. Characterised by slow, flowing movements and deep, controlled breathing Tai Chi is often described as “meditation in motion” because of its emphasis on the mind-body connection and the promotion of mental focus and relaxation while performing the movements.

Tai Chi is associated with numerous health benefits, including improved balance, flexibility, muscle strength, cardiovascular health, and stress reduction. It is often recommended for older adults and individuals with chronic conditions due to its low-impact nature.

Tai Chi can be practiced by people of all ages and fitness levels. The slow and gentle nature of Tai Chi makes it accessible to individuals looking for a form of exercise that is not only physically beneficial but also promotes mental calmness and mindfulness.

Session times: Tuesday – 2.00 pm until 3.30 pm

Members £5.50 / Visitors £6.00

Free Taster Session Available – Call  01704 574838